Meeting Notices
Book Reviews

Microsoft & Learning

bullet.Net List server It's an excellent .NET list server. Probably the largest .NET list server in the world. They cover everything from windows forms to ado to architecture and regular expressions.
bullet MSDN Updates Free .Net seminars.
bullet VB.Net VB.Net home page
bullet ASP.Net ASP.Net home page
bulletWindows Forms
bullet Enabling .NET Within the Enterprise.doc
bullet ACS Australian Computer Society
bulletGURock Excellent .Net resource

Third Party Vendors

bulletTeebo Software Solutions Developers of ActiveX controls, components, and other utilities of  software developers. We also provide articles, books, and other materials of interest to programmers.
bullet Syncfusion George Shepherds - Windows Forms FAQ.
bulletO'Reilly O'Reilly .NET Developer Centre
bulletEmail backup utility Amic Email Backup Utility
bullet Infragistics  Infragistics creates dot net controls and components to help web application developers create web grids, winforms, toolbars, website calenders, and more. Contact Infragistics for superior .net components, tutorials, and web grid creation tools.
bullet .Net Portal


bulletUI Magic UI Magic - Windows Forms UI Controls
bullet Dotnetwidgets DotNetWidgets - VS Style toolbar
bulletMetabuilders A selection of useful ASP.NET Server controls
bulletDevexpress .Net controls


bulletBetter Software