JOBS in Australia(Oz)

To join our group is not difficult, there is a membership application form on our website, click on membership application. You can pay us when you get to Oz.

We assume that as you already have a skilled Visa, and that there are no further requirements that you have to satisfy to migrate.
Have a look at for a list of Australian User Groups.
You should also subscribe to    - Itís free too.
It is probably easier to get work in Sydney or Melbourne (4 times as big as Adelaide), but if you want a more relaxed city to work in then you should check out Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth. Canberra is our national capital so if you want to be a public servant then Canberra is probably a good choice. Real estate in Sydney/Melbourne is 2-3 times dearer than Adelaide. But Adelaide has an unbeatable lifestyle.
 A lot will depend on your IT background as to how easy it will be to find a job and where. Have a look at to give you an idea of what's around.