The XML CD Bookshelf

By  O'Reilly & Associates, Inc.
November 2002 
Series: CD Bookshelves
0-596-00335-8, Order Number: 3358

Reviewed by Stephen D English
Adelaide Dot Net User Group
SEptember 2003

This is an amazing resource.  The XML/XSL world is both extensive and new and this resource
is a solution to both education and reference needs.

For those who want to read a whole section to understand a topic, it can be read on-screen like
a book.  For those who have a problem, the ability to search across all the books is fantastic.  It combines the best of a book and a search engine or help feature.

The idea of including one printed book gives it added value and stops the CD getting lost
amongst many others.

I am sure people will refer to the Chapter 26 - Character Sets in XML in a Nutshell for many
years after the rest of the book has outlived its usefulness.