Meeting Notices
Book Reviews

Presentation Downloads

bullet Access by Stephen Koop
bullet ANTLR by David Benn Examples: Complex Simple
bullet ATLAS  session by Dave Glover
bullet PowerShell  by James Chapman-Smith
bullet Effective Presentations by Richard Geyer
bullet Enterprise Library for Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 by Daniel Brown
bullet n Tier Lessons Learnt by Ben Mackie
bullet Web Service  by John Palowoski from .Net Solutions
bullet Brendon Duffy Effective C# and a little VB (3mb) -- Dot Net Solutions
bullet Public Speaking manual from Rostrum
bullet Migrating, Converting and Upsizing to SQL Server from Microsoft Open Office XML example by Dave Glover
bullet Speech Calculator Visual C# 2005 Express Beta project provided by David Benn
bullet Part I Real World CSLA by Andrew Way
bullet Part 2 Real World CSLA by Andrew Way
bullet Small Business Server by Ian Jenkins (4mb)
bullet W3C  by Paul Turner -- PowerPoint on ASP.Net and W3C compliance